Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam Hussein meets the Heat (not in Miami)

As of approximately two hours and forty minutes ago, Saddam Hussein is ceased. He has kicked the bucket, flown the coup, abandoned the chase, killed his last second, rolled down his sleeves, closed the book, finished using his body, inhabited Hell's hospital, departed for another world, caught the killing disease. He is scientifically and factually dead.

The bastard is finally dead. A scourge of humanity is snuffed out.

My family and I were watching The Producers on DVD (the original, starring the immortal Gene Wilder) when it is said to have taken place. I had fully expected the execution to take place on December 31st, as has been rumored, but it is appropriately ironic that Hussein died while I watched a comedy about Hitler.

I'm not going to be an armchair general and predict what will happen now that the witch is dead. I don't know, and I don't know enough to infer. The Bush administration is reconsidering their strategy. (At least it came about in a timely manner.) Categorically, right now we're losing the war, and I doubt that Saddam's death will hasten victory or defeat. Both Saddam and Bush lost the war. So who has won? Why, the insurgents have won. The terrorists have won.

But at least the bastard is finally dead.

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